Photography is my language of life, my creativity, my vision.

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Somerset West

Portrait Photography Somerset West by Sonja Grünbauer

Portrait Photography

It does not matter who you are, we are all extremley photo genic people. You might not think so?

Try me

A photographer must understand the fundamental issues concerning the sitter for relaxation and bringing the goodness of oneself out.

communication is the essence
Be Happy - the rest leave it to me

Off Camera Flash at any location in garden, park, field, beach, forest … you name it.
Interior as in studio like wherever you find it suitable e.g. own home, barn, farm house, garage, industrial, office etc.

Starting price per person or couple package

R 2,500

120-150 minutes of fun, all edited images on USB Stick/DVD
facebook quality and larger for prints

brings props, like hat, sunglasses and different clothing to change, etc.

Lets make a plan!


Key factors in Portraiture Photography

How could I bring someone to look happy, to smile, or to look serious?

In a “photographic school” one is being taught a lot about technical things, like chemicals, lighting, camera types, lenses, optical laws, etc., but nothing about interpersonal relationships, nothing about the actual "life" as a future photographer.

Fortunately I met a photographer who taught me how to coommunicate with people for perfect photographs.:

Communications and human relations.

At the beginning, for the first few months, I just had to sit in his studio, just watch and listen to the communication between himself and his clients. And one day in the middle of a session he handed me his Hasselblad camera to me, smiled and said: "Now you carry on…."
From that day on I no longer had problems photographing people, never mind which age. I had understood that the relationship between photographer and model is of vital importance to get the results the client expects. I was not afraid anymore ~ thank you Peter Pischler.

» Body language is an important factor to consider
» Portraits can be taken either sitting or standing
» The model /person should lean slightly forward towards the camera, he/she should feel comfortable, relaxed and happy
» Model shootings can be done outdoors or in a studio
» Make–up and hair should be carefully checked and adjusted if necessary
» Clothing is equally important, consider at least one or two changes of clothing
» Don't forget accessories, jewellery, handbag, shoes etc.
» The choice of lighting is essential - Rembrandt style / butterfly, high key, etc.
» Factors like format, display detail, exposure, depth of field, etc., are all important factors to be considered

I want to repeat: the relationship between client and photographer is of utmost importance to make the session successful, and it has to begin before the first photo is taken…

Portraiture / Life style images

Portraiture / Life style images

Exterior can always be fun. Out and about in the fresh air can be a much better option.
No hassle with electric cords running on the floor of a studio for photographers and for the sitter trying to relax in claustrophobia Studio….

If one has eye one can find quick ideas for backgrounds. Available light is in the trend today, as camera's of today are so great were one can adjust the colour temperature easier and also setting one's ISO/ASA.

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Shooting for SAA and Transnet

Shooting for SAA and Transnet

Mr Van der Veer was one of a small galaxy of executives in the Transnet group - an impressive array of dignitaries that all posed for my camera, including Dr Anton Moolman, the Head of Transnet, and Mr Mike Myburgh, SAA's CEO in the 90s, to name a few. I photographed them all in the same informal way - from dropping their pose to floor level, to sitting in a chair with closed shirt, tie and jacket.

And, might I add, through digital-photo-manipulation techniques, I went as far as placing Mr Myburgh in his executive chair on the airport's main runway with a Boeing 747 approaching on landing. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! And they had just as much fun as I did - all in a day's work.

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Portrait Photo shoot at Spier


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