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10 Top Tips Photographing Macro

Before I give the tips, let’s just define Macro Photography. Macro photography is not only photographing subjects up close, but it is also achieving a 1:1 or larger magnification. Any subject photographed less than 1:1 magnification is called close-up photography, and not macro photography. What does 1:1 magnification mean? Well it means that the subject you are taking will be displayed exactly the same size on the sensor as what it is in real life. Below is a very basic illustration of this, if you take a full frame sensor (sensor size 36mm by 24mm) camera like the Canon 5D MkII and you photograph a tape measure, for the tape measure to display 1:1 on the sensor, the measurement should read 36mm.

If 18mm was displayed then the magnification is 2:1 (the subject displayed on the sensor is double the size than real life), and on the other hand, if the measurement was 72mm, the magnification will be 1:2 (the subject displayed on the sensor is half the size than in real life, which is not macro photography but close-up photography). Well with all that technical stuff out of the way let’s start with the tips:

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