Aviation Photography

Aviation Photography

All you need for Aviation Photography is a good chaser pilot and a photographer with a steady stomach. We chase the model, we fly the figure of 8 many times. Photographers - don’t eat before such flight. Take raw ginger and chew. Very handy.

How to do aviation photography?

First of all a chaser pilot must be able to talk to the captain/pilot while at flight. Also helps if photographer has a headset is able to put in words while at flight, if not, some in my cases, there were hand signals.
Normally with my aviation photography, we discussed first on the ground what was wanted before take off. The height and over areas may be important too, to capture with plane in foreground. Sun or well-lit aircraft, with clouds can be very impressive. Time of day would also be suitable too, but unfortunately an aircraft was not always available when it suited me. Advertising Shoot is rather expensive, as the aircraft flies empty, e.g. no packs or cargo on board.

A Jumbo or Airbus flies while being photographed with its handbrakes ON. Think about the fuel costs! But there is no better way of plane spotting!
Note on the picture, the flaps hang down.
Because the Chaser Plane cannot fly as fast as the bigger aircraft, e.g. Airbus or Jumbo.

The Chaser Plane was a 4/6 seater aircraft, Navajo Chieftan, Beechcraft [chairs taken out]. The photographer sits on floor with door open/no door on. Yes I was fasten with seat belt ;-) My Chaser Pilot has licenses on fixed wing aircraft SACAA and FAA ALTP + also has SSACAA helicopter license and he is still active today at South African Air Show circuit.

It's very impressive to get spotting an aircraft like Jumbo Jet during flight.