Photography is my language of life, my creativity, my vision.

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Somerset West

Photographer Somerset in West - Sonja Grünbauer

Memories forever

Imagine making your wedding an everlasting trip of fascination down memory lane.

While attention to detail goes into the planning of most weddings, the importance of the photographic side of things is often neglected.

A wedding is a dream event, not only for the bride and groom, but also their procession. One of the most important aspects of the event is often overlooked in the planning stage and then, on last minute, left to an amateur to undertake.

Investing in your special day is not just about the dress, location, decoration, ceremony, catering and the cake. Don't compromise on the quality of the photography which, after all, is meant to provide memories that will last for a lifetime - and longer.

Let me take care of every aspect of your wedding day. I offer a professional service which delivers a product laced with more than just a touch of class. Images in which every important characteristic of the event is artistically captured. I love what I do and approach my work with enthusiasm, facing any unforeseen challenge with confidence.


Sonja Grünbauer

Photographer by Profession and Passion


University of SA

Starting my Career


At Transnet and SAA

Running a Studio

Working in Germany

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Wedding Photography

Unforgetable Wedding

Sonja Grunbauer is a qualified photographer based in Somerset West near Cape Town / South Africa.
The intent and purpose of photography is to render in visual terms feelings and experiences that often elude the ability of words to describe. In any case, the eyes have it, and the imagination will always soar farther than was expected.

Photography is my language of life, my creativity, my vision.

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What Our Clients Say

For Sonja Grunbauer, photography was always a passion. Whether it was the beautiful landscape, people or dogs that she captured with her camera,she always surprised you. She was dedicated and it showed. She had such patience with people, animals and of course the weather! The light and mood had to be just right! That way she always captured the essence of the moment.
Gabriele Hohl
Somerset West - South Africa
I asked Sonja if she would take photos for my husband and I while we were down in South Africa 2017. Our family is very diverse with many different looks and personalities and she was wonderful in arranging and placing everyone to produce the beautiful photographs. Even working with Children, she found fun ways to allow them to play while grabbing those good shots. Sonja has a great imagination and manages, using objects and the environment, to produce natural and amazing shots. She listens to your ideas and works them into the photos.
Tamar Smit
Lexington - Kentucky, U.S.A
Photographic Fine ART

Photographic Fine ART

Seeing by doing or was it learning by doing? I would take both sayings. Thank you to the Internet, Thank you GOOGLE!
Without you, my photographic world would not have exploded. I could never have come further in my photographic art.

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Comic Photo Art

Comic Photo Art

I'm always in search for new photo scenery! Interested in new places to take photos and so on... This is how I came up with the idea of Comic Photo Art. Love at first sight!

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Portraiture / Life style images

Portraiture / Life style images

Exterior can always be fun. Out and about in the fresh air can be a much better option.
No hassle with electric cords running on the floor of a studio for photographers and for the sitter trying to relax in claustrophobia Studio….

If one has eye one can find quick ideas for backgrounds. Available light is in the trend today, as camera's of today are so great were one can adjust the colour temperature easier and also setting one's ISO/ASA.

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Shooting for SAA and Transnet

Shooting for SAA and Transnet

Mr Van der Veer was one of a small galaxy of executives in the Transnet group - an impressive array of dignitaries that all posed for my camera, including Dr Anton Moolman, the Head of Transnet, and Mr Mike Myburgh, SAA's CEO in the 90s, to name a few. I photographed them all in the same informal way - from dropping their pose to floor level, to sitting in a chair with closed shirt, tie and jacket.

And, might I add, through digital-photo-manipulation techniques, I went as far as placing Mr Myburgh in his executive chair on the airport's main runway with a Boeing 747 approaching on landing. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! And they had just as much fun as I did - all in a day's work.

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