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Funny Pictures from the 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Animals have the power to awe and inspire us and the smaller—and cuter—variety can even induce "awws." But as the finalists from the 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography prove, they can also make us laugh.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is a new competition in partnership with the Born Free Foundation, an international wildlife charity working throughout the world to stop individual wild animal suffering and protect threatened species in the wild.

Get the pictures here.



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Comic Photo Art

Comic Photo Art

Aquarians (like me) always search for new photo scences!

Interested in new places to take photos and so on...

This is how I came up with the idea of Comic Photo Art. Love at first sight!

comic photo art 

Comic Photo Art Exibition

I must confess, I started selling my artworks at markets. What a wonderful way to venture into business. Hope to see you there:
Saturday 16th May 2015, Country Craft Market, Main Road, Somerset West, South Africa.


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Bead collection KwaZulu-Natal and Kwa-Ndebele

Bead collection KwaZulu-Natal and Kwa-Ndebele

It is generally assumed that African beadwork in regions south of the Sahara has its origin in the comparatively recent past when the colonisation of Africa opened up the Dark Continent to traders from Portugal, the Netherlands and England.

Further south, in what is now KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Province of South Africa, the trade in beads is supposed to have had an even more recent origin.

Henry Francis Fynn, who came to Port Natal (now Durban) as a trader in 1824, was possibly the first Englishman to have offered glass beads as standard merchandise to the North Nguni, best known of which was the Zulu, whose colorful beadwork is unique because of its singular eloquence in the way messages dealing with male-female relationships were traditionally woven into its design.


The Ndebele

The Ndebele are dispersed widely across Zimbabwe and South African's Transvaal / Mpumalanga province.  They are all descendants of the same tribe as the Zulu and Xhosa people. Their beadworks have their own distinctive patterns and colors.



Ndebele Collection of beadwork

My collection has been bought in various areas, like in "Valley of the 1000 Hills" from the Zulu handcrafted people and the Ndebele works near Middelburg in today's area of Mpumalanga. This collection was build in the 1970's and is unique and there are no duplications. All beadwork are made with the original grass method and waxed lines.



Soap Stones, wooden Carving's and other collective items

The Soap Stone Sculpture's in this collection are all from South Africa. The wooden Sculptures and Masks are mainly from south Africa and also from Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and Kenya.


Interested in this unique Ndebele collection? Please contact us for more information and our cataloque.



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Key factors in Portraiture Photography

Key factors in Portraiture Photography

In the early beginnings of my career as a portrait photographer I once told a photographer, that I didn’t really like people. He was shocked and - of course - did not employ me…
Why? Because I was too scared. How could I bring someone to look happy, to smile, or to look serious? I just could not communicate with people, neither with adults, nor with children.

In a “photographic school” one is being taught a lot about technical things, like chemicals, lighting, camera types, lenses, optical laws, etc., but nothing about interpersonal relationships, nothing about the actual "life" as a future photographer.

Fortunately, a few years later, I met a photographer who taught me exactly that. Communications and human relations.
At the beginning, for the first few months, I just had to sit in his studio, just watch and listen to the communication between himself and his clients. And one day in the middle of a session he handed me his Hasselblad camera to me, smiled and said: "Now you carry on…."
From that day on I no longer had problems photographing people, never mind which age. I had understood that the relationship between photographer and model is of vital importance to get the results the client expects. I wasnot afraid anymore ~ thank you Peter Pischler.

Key factors in Portraiture Photography

» Body language is an important factor to consider
» Portraits can be taken either sitting or standing
» The model /person should lean slightly forward towards the camera, he/she should feel comfortable, relaxed and happy
» Model shootings can be done outdoors or in a studio
» Make–up and hair should be carefully checked and adjusted if necessary
» Clothing is equally important, consider at least one or two changes of clothing
» Don't forget accessories, jewellery, handbag, shoes etc.
» The choice of lighting is essential - Rembrandt style / butterfly, high key, etc.
» Factors like format, display detail, exposure, depth of field, etc., are all important factors to be considered
» I want to repeat: the relationship between client and photographer is of utmost importance to make the session successful, and it has to begin before the first photo is taken…

Example of Portraiture Photography:

portrait landscape

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Fine Art photography

Fine Art photography

Photographs that have an impact and the ability to provoke.

Fine Art photography - also called ‘decor photography’, ‘photo décor’ or ‘wall décor’ involves selling large photos... These can be used as wall art. Fine ART is liked by its content.

CREATIVE photography is created in accordance with the vision of the artist as a photographer.
Today, digital movement has opened doors for many with the Internet. One can compare and communicate easier than in previous years.
I get inspired with many international web sites to learn and to find my own signature, which I have used. One also learns just by seeing and by taking part in various competitions.
In my opinion the art of photography is aimed not only at the eyes, but to the spirit as well, as found in classical paintworks.

I have found my flair of motion, image manipulations, changing graduations, colors and sharpness to motion blur effect, showing movement. Reflection or mirror - inverted, color burn, multiply and change+ divert into pin hole light.

I like to call my creative art “dream images.”

Light plays a large roll, image composition and colour. I am captivated by nature around me. The sea, the beach, the mountains around Somerset West and my favourite city Cape Town close by together with its people, their stories and their lives and to top it all…designing it on the PC, while sipping a great Red or White from various Wine Farms around me in the Helderberg area and Stellenbosch Region (not forgetting the background music while I design).

Fine Art photography Cape Town

Image composition, color, style, unsharp or sharpness is the essence of Fine ART. I don’t need to like a fine art photograph. Liking it does not make it fine art, its contents do. When do we call Fine Art, fine art? Only by show?

I appreciate work from other photographers in galleries as this is their signature or message and so do I see it in my work.-

Matching Quote
"Fine art, that exists for itself alone, is art in a final state of impotence. If nobody, including the artist, acknowledges art as a means of knowing the world, then art is relegated to a kind of rumpus room of the mind and the irresponsibility of the artist and the irrelevance of art to actual living becomes part and parcel of the practice of art."
-Angela Carter

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